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Modern enterprise payroll

Unified solution for multiple countries.

Always up-to-date payroll results.

Support for real-time integrations.

Fast. Accurate. Automated

Cloudator Payroll mitigates errors in payroll by migrating all the tasks previously done by payroll specialists into an accurate, automated and fast cloud service. Organizations will gain the ability to forecast personnel costs in real time across multiple countries and collective agreements with speed and simplicity from one harmonized environment.

Cloud based service

Cloudator Payroll is developed exclusively as a cloud service to achieve the speed, scalability and accessibility required by modern enterprises.

Multiple countries in the same system

Payment results are harmonized between countries to ensure a unified reporting and analytics experience.

Lightning fast payment results

Real-time architecture enables immediate results for payments, reporting, budgeting and forecasting with thousands of simultaneous calculations done in seconds.

Real-time 3rd party integrations

Cloudator Payroll is built for real-time integrations. Changes in data will automatically update results across the entire system for any chosen date.

Automated tasks

Reoccurring tasks and organization wide changes can be automated to reduce manual work and mitigate human errors.

Unifying all payroll tools in one

Unified payroll solution for improved data accessibility, faster payroll processing and a seamless user experience.


Cloudator Payroll processes and time evaluations run in real-time which enables real-time reporting, budgeting and forecasting. Thousands of payment calculations are done in minutes instead of hours or even days and weeks.

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Cloudator Payroll unifies payments across multiple countries and collective agreements while making sure the statutory regulations of each country are respected and kept up to date.

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Cloudator Payroll enables your company to streamline payroll processes and automate workflow to ensure an error-free outcome. Cloudator Payroll does retro calculations and validates each pay period affected by the latest changes including changes in configuration. This significantly reduces manual input and human errors.

Unified solution

Cloudator Payroll unifies all payroll related tasks into one seamless package which previously required multiple separate integrations between different software packages.

Our unified solution gives executives, managers and HR a swift and straightforward way to gather insights from personnel costs and their effect on business results with tools for payroll, time and expenses. Organizations can easily integrate payroll information with any HCM or ERP data in a seamless and secure manner.

Manage the complexities of payroll and local compliances in any country, from any device and for any number of employees with a unified solution.

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Time Management

Easily collect, track, and manage your personnel´s time and attendances with Cloudator Payroll’s Time Management Solution.

Scheduling, working hours management, absences, balances and holidays are all seamlessly integrated to the payroll process.

  • Scheduling
  • Working hours management
  • Balances
  • Absences
  • Holidays

Expense Solution

With Cloudator Payroll Expense solution, you can manage travel expenses based on each country’s own statutory regulations and internal travel policies. Enable quick and transparent claims settlements for your entire workforce.

  • Expense reimbursement
  • Configuration for local legislation
  • Travel advances and automatic currency conversions
  • Banking integration


Daily operations and reporting from any device in real-time with tools for both management and individual employees.

  • View holiday and flex balances
  • Time off and absence requests
  • Access and modify personal information
  • Analyse payment results on a daily level


Possibility to expand core functionalities with use case specific custom calculation plugins. Built to support seamless integration with all HCM and ERP systems.

  • Integrate with any HCM/ERP system
  • Custom calculations with plugins

Security and technology

Data security is a mission critical part of any cloud-based service but even more so with systems that contain highly sensitive user data. The combination of right technologies and security measures ensure the data always stays safe and intact.

Layered security

Cloudator Payroll is built to comply with the strictest data security standards by following industry best practices and choosing the best cloud-native technology available. A layered security model with individual permissions, encrypted data connections, logging and intrusion detection will ensure a high-degree of overall system security.

  • Strict user access control
  • Encrypted data connections
  • Logging and evidence collection
  • Automatic intrusion and abnormal usage prevention

User access control

Access to all functions in the system can be individually configured for every user by creating permission groups and specific user roles. Automatic detection and prevention for intrusions and abnormal use ensure no unauthorized access is granted under any circumstances.

  • Permission groups
  • Role-based access
  • Malicious access prevention

Modern technology stack

Cloud-native programming languages provide a platform for rapid development of new features while simplifying the architecture evolution and maintenance of the system.

  • Cloud-native technologies
  • Rapid development
  • Simplified maintenance and evolution

Fast and secure cloud

The in-memory, grid-capable data management systems reduce latency which enable real-time processing with a high-degree of scalability. Separated environments for preview, development, test and production limit the escalation of errors and therefore ensuring the success of production.

  • In-memory data management
  • High-degree of scalability
  • Separated environments
  • IBM cloud data centre